The Family Counseling Center of Fulton County, inc.

Domestic Violence Services

Providing a broad range of high-quality mental health and social services, with particular attention to the needs of children and families.

The Family Counseling Center was founded in response to the need for counseling services in Fulton County. The agency is a charitable 501(C)(3) organization which continues to help youth, families, couples, and individuals who seek a brighter future. Our professional staff helps them handle the depression, frustration, anger, sadness and despair that they cannot handle alone.

Domestic Violence Services

Domestic Violence Services

'Jane Doe' was locked out of her home by her children's father. The man refused to allow her access to her children or her property. Frantic with worry, Jane called The Family Counseling Center for help. Quickly utilizing a safety plan, which included the Domestic Violence safe shelter for Jane and her children, Jane and the Domestic Violence staff worked their way through the Department of Social Services and the Family Court systems. Jane and her children now live in their own apartment and Jane utilizes the on-going Domestic Violence support group. The father resides elsewhere.

Behavioral Health

Domestic Violence Services

The Family Counseling Center is the only licensed children's Behavioral Health Center in Fulton County.


Provides counseling and psychiatric services to children, families and adults whose lives have been disrupted by emotional or behavioral problems and/or mental illness.

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Children Services

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The Family Counseling Center provides a wide array of services designed to enhance the family's ability to care for their child in order for the child to remain in the community.  Learn more

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The Family Counseling Center provides services to help change peoples lives. There are some situations that fall outside the scope of our services, so we like to provide other resources that can bridge the gap with our services.

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